Quick flying and dodging game I conceptualized and designed with a developer. Landing screen with cute dragon that I designed who flutters in the air. Tutorial describing gameplay. I built all the sprite animations and did sound design as well. Live in the iOS app store.
Gamplay screen shows the dragon, which stays on the left as the background and barriers move towards him, which he either has to dodge or burn the wood to fly through. The game over screen shows more navigation options and a fun call-out to pay to remove ads.
This was the product of regular hackathons while working on AYI, where I could explore my own unique ideas. I designed and product managed 3 developers and we built a functional HTML5 Canvas game where the panda runs in place and you can drag to shoot arrows and pop balloons to collect paintings which equate to people you can later contact on AYI. Lots of fun frame-by-frame animations and background layers that all move at different speeds.
A game where you try to keep the lighthouse light on (it flickers off randomly) before a ship crashes into the rocks. I conceptualized and designed it with a developer.


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